Captain Joe's DECK License Program

You will find the Program extremely useful if you are sitting for any of the USCG License Exams for the Deck Department

There are 5 Modules that you have to study for. They are:
1. Rules of the Road
2. Deck General
3. Nav General
4. Safety & Stability
5. Nav Problems

What I have done is painstakingly taken every single question from the USCG Deck License Exam available on their website, and then I have put them into TOPICS, and then futher sub-divided the Topics into SECTIONS of not more than 50 questions in each Subject.

I have gone one step further…..every single PROBLEM in the Deck License Exam databank that requires a solution has been individually solved for you. With every Problem I have included a very detailed and easy step-by-step procedure on how to solve the problem, with explanations along the way. I have solved each problem with you in mind, so that as you go through the solution you will immediately understand how I arrive at each step along the way. Now, whenever you attempt a problem and do not get the right answer, don't waste hours trying to figure out what went wrong. At the click of a Button my Solution pops up, and you can follow through the problem to find out where the mistake lies. What could be easier than this?

I guarantee that after you solve a couple of problems in each Section my easy way, you will say "Ah-ha, so that's how it's done!" Difficult problems will now seem simple, difficult concepts will be now be easy to understand.

Further, I have included a TUTORIALS Section, which contains a collection of Powerpoints explaining the difficult concepts and methods we use in our industry. Stability, Trigonometry, Sailings, Horizons and other subjects that you thought were so difficult, and stayed away from, are now explained in plain simple terms.

My Program also has 10 TESTS per Subject. These Tests are in almost identical format as you will see in the real exam, so you will gain further confidence in the exam hall.

I am constantly checking the USCG Question Bank for new questions and update these into my Program . So, when you buy my Program and Manuals, you are buying the LATEST stuff!

The DECK LICENSE PROGRAM on USB expires 12 months from the day you purchase it. I have deliberately kept the price very low because I want it to be affordable for you. Do not let cost discourage you from progressing to the next grade of License. Why would you want to waste all those precious hours at sea doing nothing worthwhile? You can easily put them to immense good use by installing the Program on your computer on board. Most students who have done that have dramatically reduced the time they spend ashore studying for their License. In fact, if you study diligently, you can be ready for the exam by the time you sign off!

I have just added a new feature - the PRINT function. Now you can go to any Module within the Program, and print the Section or Category of questions you need, with an Answer Key too. This helps when you have sat too long at the computer and just want to get away for a bit. You can work out of the printed question pool instead.