Welcome to Captain Joe's Deck and MODU License Program website, the Premier USCG Examination Test Preparation site for the Merchant Mariner. Here you will find most of the information necessary to progress to your next grade of Deck or MODU License and Certification. You will also find important information to help make proper decisions about your future sea career - (what is the next exam to sit for, what exam material you should study, what Marine Publications you should buy, how much seatime you need, could you switch from one part of the of industry to another).

You will be able to purchase the Program for the Deck or MODU Upgrade License you are sitting for.


Deck License

5 Modules to study!

  1. Rules of the Road
  2. Deck General
  3. Nav General
  4. Safety & Stability
  5. Nav Problems

MODU Licenses

There are 7 MODU Licenses

  1. Offshore Installation Manager - Unrestricted
  2. Offshore Installation Manager - Surface Units Underway
  3. Offshore Installation Manager - Surface Units on Location

MODU License Program

3 Modules to study!

  1. Rules of the Road
  2. Deck General, Deck Safety and Environmental Protection
  3. Unit Operations

Captain Joe's Program

Buy the Program for $97 only!

  1. Available in a USB/Flash Drive
  2. Updated to the latest USCG Question Bank with 490 new questions added
  3. Program is compatible with Microsoft Windows

Capt. Joe's Message

Having worked in the Merchant Marine for the past 39 years, I have been a deep-sea Captain since 1984 mostly sailing on Tankers, OBOs, LNG, Ro-Ro and container vessels. In 1998 I started teaching at the prestigious STAR CENTER in Dania Beach, Florida, one of the premier maritime schools in the world, creating the USCG-approved IBS (Integrated Bridge Systems) 2-week Simulator Course for the cruise industry, and have taught all the STCW courses, including Bridge Resource Management, Advanced Shiphandling for Masters and Dynamic Positioning Systems. I am also a Member of MERPAC (Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee to the United States Coast Guard), a Committee which provides recommendations to the Coast Guard about matters related to Licensing of Mariners.

I have put every bit of nautical knowledge and teaching skills that I have gleaned over the years into my Deck License Program, constantly improving it to cater to the requests of my students. The biggest advantage of my Deck License Program is that I have individually worked out the solutions to EVERY single problem in the entire USCG Deck License Databank! I know that you will like Captain Joe's DECK LICENSE PROGRAM. Gone are the days when you have to slave over an answer, wasting precious study time trying to figure out where you went wrong, or how to go about solving a problem. You will save many hours of wasted effort, putting your precious time to better use.

Captain Joe's Note: There is much information in this website taken directly from the USCG websites, the CFRs, Governmental texts, and other publications, and is presented here in an altered manner in an effort to assist you in understanding and clarifying certain topics.